Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sivaji right thaan...

Disclaimer: Might be more than biased at times!
Hmm...after what seemed to be an eternity, I finally was able to watch Sivaji...Even though it was around a week after the actual release date, I was sort of excited. Reason being our very own thalaivar. Of course I am a big fan of Shankar's movies.
So after a drive of around one hour we reach the theatre and the excitement amongst those waiting to get in was palpable. For some of us it was the first time that we were watching SIVAJI. For some it was the second time! I had gone for this movie trying to be as neutral as possible and yet could not help but be biased for the fact that the three people whose work in movies gets me going were involved in this case..Shankar, Rehman and finally our dear thalaivar...So what is Sivaji all about? The story and funda involved in this movie is no big deal. Rooting out corruption which in this case turns out to be Black Money and try to do good for the society. A story of good wins evil! Now then,do not raise your eyebrows and look at me like that. We have seen so many such stories which are un-real life like. Yet what really sets this movie apart from others is our thalaivars style and acting. And I do not need to mention the awesome sets and good music. These people have gone out of their way with the sets for the songs. The creativity that brings these kinds of sets has to be appreciated. Another point worth mentioning is the fact that Rajni seems to have put a conscious effort in his dancing. Man do I need to talk about Shriya? She is a siren! A bomb! Some said that the action stunts where overboard...Some say that they were so larger than real life like! I say that, if I can watch 2 and a half hours of Mr. Jack Sparrow fighting on a ship in a storm, or 2 hours of Mr. Peter Parker fighting the evil goons, then I can also manage to get through thalaivar's style and his action! Just trying to be fair here...:) Some said that these action scenes were copied from Matrix etc etc...I say, if they do provide me with 3 hours of rocking entertainment, I do not mind the copied action scenes. And yeah Vivek's comic timing and dialogue delivery has to be appreciated. Suman, playing a sexy, suave and sophisticated baddie does very well. A decent background score to support everything. So overall total paisa vasool. As I was coming out of the theatre I just could not stop smiling. Now about the hype and hoopla concerning this movie, it is the duty of the producers and the distributors to hype it up. They need the movie to run strong and run long. It is not the mistake of the media that they hype the movie so much. They need something to feed upon. They are kind of parasites. But why is it that the viewers of these channels fall for the hype, and expect magic from movie makers? And in all fairness to the movie makers, they have done an awesome job in trying to live upto the expectations. As I said, 3 and a half hours of breathtaking entertainment. I do not mind that considering the fact that most of the recent movies that I have seen, requires a human beings concentration. Thats not what I wanted when I went to see thalaivar in action. I would rather prefer this kind of entertainment every now and then, even if the story at times does have its loopholes. Just as we need to try all kinds of food, one has to watch all kinds of movies. Overall do not miss the movie for two factors:
1. Awesome entertainment
2. Thalaivar's style.
Once again thalaivar has done it and the cash registers all over the world are ringing, and everyone involved with the movie is laughing right to the last cent, paisa...that it is going to make...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Spirituality and byond!

Walk I did along the path

Walk I did along the path in front of the temple

Scores of people praying to the almighty

Some asked for wealth

Some asked for health

And here I was confused…wealth or health?

For I could not take my eyes off

Of a young girl in tattered clothes

Motherless, foodless, yet I talk of spirituality

People talk of recitations, people talk of piligrimages.

What they do not talk of is of helping the poor

People talk of cars, people talk of dollars

What they do not talk of are the needy

Perhaps they themselves are needy

Of the cars and the dollars!

Walk I did along the path.

Wonder did I on whether my 1 rupee

Will make the difference

For a young kid whose asset was

A rupee till that day!

But what I did see behind me

Brought tears to the kids eyes

For there were people

Beyond my eyesight could penetrate

Standing behind me

Waiting for me to move on!

Satisfied I walked back..

Knowing that the kid had a penny worth a meal!

Force I cannot to others to do what I did

But suggest I can to help the poor

For that is the true path to spirituality

Not uttering recitations or visiting temples

Help the needy…

God will help you when you need…

The true path towards spirituality

Is by helping humanity

Monday, June 4, 2007


When the lightning streaks across the grey sky

Brightening the gloomy skies

It is for moments like these that I care to live

When the drops of rain pour from the dark sky

And just as each drop falls on my face

Cleansing and purifying my soul

It is for moments like these that I care to live

As I wake up every day

To the bright sunshine across the bay

And the water in the bay gleaming like gold

It is for moments like these that I care to live

As I wake up every day

To the chirping of birds in the adjacent woods

Music it forms never heard before

It is for moments like these that I care to live

As I succeed every day

Only to fail the very next

For one teaches you the value of other

It is for moments like these that I care to live

As I sit and sip my tea

Chit chatting with my friends

When I hear the ringing laugh of them

It is for moments like these that I care to live

Just as every night when darkness engulfs

Only for me to search in pitch black

For the source of light from far off

It is for moments like these that I care to live.