Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Dasavatharam Review

Well so I join the infinite people who have already watched the movie and posted their reviews on their blogs and stuff. So without further ado, I shall start about how I feel about this movie. Let us bypass the story for even a 2 year old kid would by now be knowing it with all the hype about this movie. Is the movie good? Yes. Is it great? Umm...hmm...well...This is where I think I am not sure about it. It feels good to see a simple crime and chase thriller after quite a while. I believe if people where able to sit through movies like Gilli and Sivaji, then this would be no big deal. The make ups for the 10 roles played by Kamal are extraordinary. I guess it requires a super humane effort both on the part of the actor and the make up folks for the movie. The visuals have been taken on an extravagant scale. The scenes leading up to the tsunami with the Japanese and CIA villain fighting each other are good. If there was a particular scene that I would like to watch again it is the climax. It requires an individual with some guts to make a movie with something like Chaos theory I believe. And for most of the movie going junta back in India this would be something new and might be confusing. After all we are people whose staple diet with regards to a movie comprises of a Vadivelu comedy, a Namitha number, a duet in the Swiss mountains or the Tulip Gardens, some tear jerking mother son sentiment and a climax scene with one guy taking on all the baddies (the essential part here is that the chief baddie should have a huge potbelly). Something new like this might take time to be appreciated. Now does the movie have flaws? Yes indeed. The CBI officer checking out the microbes on Fletcher's body through a binocular kind of thing from a chopper seems to be ridiculously funny. And yeah is crap.
Other than that if you go into the movie not expecting t0 watch 10 kamals I guess one might find out in the movie that there is one Kamal too many. On the other hand if you just go in watch the movie without having an idea on what all the fuss is about, I guess one might not even realize that there are 10 Kamals indeed in the movie. Watching this movie was a definite new experience for me and I would put it definitely on top of some of my favorite movies in Tamil. After all one cannot complain about a lack of script in this movie when there are movies like ATM, TR's evergreen comedies etc etc running to packed houses.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Instinctive Diplomat

Today I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine about which is better? Being instinctive or being diplomatic? At times during conversations, words just flow out of my mouth. I mean, If I feel that what I speak is correct, I blurt it out, even if others think that it is crap. And that is how I take most of my decisions. I think about them for a couple of minutes. Think if what I am doing is correct or not? If it appears correct to me, I hardly spare a second thought. Coming back to the issue whether being instinctive serves you right or being a diplomat serves you right? Now let me provide my definition of being diplomatic! Diplomatic to me is, choosing one's word carefully and being cautious. I would agree to the point of being cautious if its some big decision. But for petty conversations amongst friends too, if one chooses to being diplomatic, it kind of does not serve the very purpose of having friends right? Even if you crap out something to friends because of your tendency to react instinctively, your friends should be able to understand you right? In that way being instinctive does help! And how about taking decisions? One should not regret making any decision at any point of time if it is taken on an instinctive manner! My personal belief though is that being a diplomat is what all those UN officials, IAS officers are for...A normal human being can live based on his gut feeling and intuition!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ITEM film?????????? ;)

Most of us would be aware of item numbers in movies where some seductress (of course then essence is to be skimpily clad) dances around in some pub or some lavish bedroom set. But how many of us have heard of an ITEM MOVIE itself?? OM SHANTI OM was one such movie. And now I hear that SRK is nominated for the BEST ACTOR award for this movie. Oh my god? what is going on? I guess the awards must also be something similar to the spoofs in that particular movie!

Add a ravishing model who is only a film old!
Add a superstar!
Add a six pack to the superstar!
Add 10 blockbuster songs!
Add lavish sets...
Add good spoofs!
And finally just have a wafer thin story!

the recipe is perfect for an ITEM MOVIE!