Thursday, March 13, 2008

The fated four letter word

There is this four letter word that is synonymous with tough times. It goes hand in hand during those tough days. It is not love. It is not hate. It is HOPE.

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope sets you free.

As a Cricket maniac or addict or whatever, I have been hoping that India wins a world cup. But that’s what makes me see the game all the more. As a human being, I hope that I have a better tomorrow than today. That’s what makes me look forward to the morrow eagerly. But when does a person fail? When he is scared! When he is afraid of the consequences his actions result in. Hope is the very essence of life. I saw Shawshank Redemption. Never in my life have I been affected by a movie as much as now. It is tough. It is difficult to maintain your hope and patience during tough times. But that I believe would be the driving force and make the individual look forward to the next day. Even I get scared some time. And then I delve into things that are not even under my control. I get frustrated. Basically I let my fear of failure dictate terms to me, when I should not let that happen. This movie has shaken the very foundations of my thought process. And I do not realize how I came to miss it all these days. A person who is afraid most of the times, who is scared, is nothing but a prisoner. A prisoner who is being held captive by fear! It engulfs the poor person and literally destroys him. It drives him insane just like a prison is bound to do. But even within a prison, you can choose to stay positive and be hopeful that some day the individual will be set free. This would help in keeping him sane enough. But the choice is with us. To remain captive or to be an independent individual! For no bird can be held captive in a cage for long. If the bird chooses to fly away, it can!


Filarial said...

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope sets you free.-- :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

You're SO right. Hope is everything. I've seen people become a mere shell of their former self just because they don't believe in hope.
Good post!

Brainstormer said...

Hopeeeeeeeee!!! ..Yipeeeeeee.... jus like that baba blacksheep poem!... hope there is wool!! :-)))))