Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Wednesday

I am not a political analyst. Neither am I a media honcho who knows the fundae about journalism. But I am a common man who is proud of being an Indian. A common man who is waiting for the day we can walk peacefully on the streets of our cities without being scared of a bomb going off nearby. I want to eat at a restaurant and enjoy my meal rather than being scared thinking if someone will attack and hold me as a hostage. The scenes near the Taj hotel in Mumbai and near the Trident where gut wrenching to be honest. More than sadness at the sequence of events and it is the anger that threatens to overwhelm me. How dare some 20-30 humans (I do not know if I can call them humans from here on!) attack the innocent in the name of religion or war? What right do they have to even take a life? Can't the perpetrators of the violence see that it is their community/nation that is being affected because of this? I do not often blog about terrorism but this time it is just too much to take. Every month some new city in India is attacked. Some of the scenes being dished out on the news channels where gut wrenching. Now if such is the state of people like me whose relatives or nearest have not been affected directly by the series of events in Mumbai, imagine the state of those who have been directly affected by it! I feel sorry for them and offer my heart felt condolences to them. It feels sickening to see a young kid(who should be ideally going to school on a weekday) answering questions from the media big shots on how he is feeling as his parents are being held as hostages in the hotels? A old gentleman (who should be sipping juice relaxing on some beach) instead has to anwer to the bull shit that Barkha Dutt has to ask him. She might be a great journalist. But for me she does not seem a great human. The old gentleman was close to tears. And hear she is asking about how he feels. That to me was not the right thing to do then. The old gentleman and kid deserved to be given moral support but not like this. I hope the politicians do not use this for political mileage. All said and done about how good the rescue effort or how good the police and army have been through out this ordeal, the leaders must answer to the people. After all they where also responsible partly for this. How could there have been such a serious intelligence failure? What was the coast guard up to? 30 odd and god knows how many more entered the city through boats. These are the sort of things we see in movies. What in the bloody hell were the intelligence services up to? The prime minister's address was hardly inspiring to top it all. These are people who take the common man for granted. I suppose all they care about is their seat, the vote bank, and money. I have a lot more to say but this being a public forum I do not want to. Such organization and planning on part of the terrorists could not have been accomplished without any inside help. :( And if there was no inside help, I am sorry to say as an individual I will be scared shit less and pissing in my pants right now if I where walking in any one of the big cities in India. A personal request to end though, to all the politicians: I do not expect anything great of you. I do not expect outstanding deeds. But at the same time if you are not capable of protecting the people from whom you beg for votes, at least let the people who are doing a good job work properly. In short do not act as fucking impediments.

P.S Sorry for asking but I could not help myself now. Where is Mr. Raj Thackeray and his bunch of goons? In fact it is good that they have not acted as hindrances. But not even a single comment from him? Surprising!


ajay said...

nice post vishwa..that was the same fucking thing which was running thro my mind..why on earth does the journalist need to ask questions on how they feel abt relatives.. and why the journalists are giving away the pics/videos of the commandos taking positions etc...just playing into terrorist hands!wtf

Subhapradha said...

I second your thoughts in the blog. 'A wednesday' is an apt title. We all are getting 'used to' the atrocities done to us - by outside as well as inside elements. No outfit is able to break the defense barrier of any/most of the western countries. But they roam around in our nation more freely than our own countrymen. After all the harm is done, we wake up saying 'should ve been more vigilant in the coastal areas'. Why arent we learning and trying to proactive rather than being reactive? Y r we waiting for people to intrude and then try to manage the situation? -which we have proved yet again that we are no match to them) I'm aware that it is easy to comment than to do. But that's what we look upto these people for: to do, before any harm is done to any of our citizens or our guests. Do we need to teach them the meaning of ‘Defense’?? Disgusting!!! Hardly 4 months after the serial blasts that rocked major cities throughout the nation. After those blasts, security checks in malls and public buildings became more stringent n continue so till date. If we don’t know, can we not at least learn ot from some one , any one???? They, the terrorists (i refrain from calling them terrorists as they have not succeeded in terrorising us - but for lack of any other better word for the moment) diverted our attention to somewhere else and attacked yet again bringing the weak points of our defense to the surface. One license for a 9mm pistol for a famous cricketer takes all the procedures (which indeed it should) but here we see around 20 men walking with AK47s, hand grenades in as simple as a back pack n walking fearlessly on the streets of not palestine, not columbo, not afghanistan but the never-sleeps city of Mumbai in the peace loving country of India. Our house is plagued… and we cut a sorry figure.. neither do we do a routine pest control check nor do we have enough skills to squash them altogether.
Killing is not the answer. Matured minds will know. At the end of it what remains in the hearts of normal citizens like me is that only other fellow men will risk their lives for a common cause. I salute the efforts of Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and several other policemen who laid their lives in the process of cleansing the places. Politicians - will be just that - 'Politicians' - trying to find leverage in common man's sufferings. Add to Bharkha Dutt’s mindless interviews in the thirst of becoming ‘Journalist of the year’, the telecast comments of yet another news channel (forgot the name as I was browsing thru many) whose main aim was to make sure that the viewers register an useless fact of who was the first to show the scenes. All of them – ALL – want jus this. Make profit out of even the leanest and saddest situations.
Forgive me for the length of this comment. Just couldnt stop myself.

Venkatesh G said...

Damn Politicians !!

Brainstormer said...

It was shocking indeed. No one seems to have learnt anything from the Kandahar hijacking or from the akshardham siege!.

9 hours for the NSG & MARCOS to be deployed... inexcusable!

Chakli said...

I feel your frustration.

Viswajith said...

@ Ajay: Yes maams...even me was wondering what the media was up to? They should always have only controlled access to stuff!

@Subha: I appreciate the length of your comment. Shows how frustrated one can get. And that too from someone who lived in Mumbai not so long ago! You know what? There was this politician who could get down to the level of talking about calling for a bandh! imagine wat kind of a suck up wud do it? I am sorry but could not stop using the language!

Venkatesh G said...


'Suck up' will quite suit him.
Don apologize for that.