Sunday, October 21, 2007


I must say, that I was bitten with this DOLLAR BUG! Do not ask me why, but initially last year it did not seem to make a huge difference. But everything changed over the summer. This DOLLAR bug just overtook me. There was this insane urge in me to make huge amounts of money. What was I trying to prove? I was not doing anything novel. Hoards of individuals around me are doing the same. I could feel the arrogance in me growing each and every day. I do not have a reason for this to. Life was satisfactory enough. Or was it? Slowly seeds of doubt started sprouting in my thought process. Where was this mad, insane, stupid drive from? And then one day a friend of mine did ask me a question that sent my thought process into an overdrive! “Yaen daa, nambaloda appa, amma, elaarum car, mobile, A.C oda daan vaazhndaangalaa?” Here’s the translation. My friend pointed to me that our ancestors-parents, grandparents-did not have a mobile phone or an air conditioned car for their convenience. After all, a dollar bill is still a simple paper for which we end up cutting a tree. Yes I admit that these cars, mobiles etc do make our life all the more comfortable (and who does not want to be more comfortable?). That being the case, does it mean that our ancestors did not lead a comfortable life? A guy who was more than comfortable driving his dad’s scooter (note the point, even the scooter was not his!) now craves for a life with a laptop, a mobile, an air conditioned apartment and so on. I was deeply ashamed at my attitude. Nothing changes in life. We come into this world with nothing. But we leave this world rich not with dollar bills, but with values, leaving a trail of our acts. And these acts would determine if we deserve to be remembered or if we do not. Money, and materialistic comforts are commodities of life which do smoothen the process of living, but it does not mean that an individual cannot live without them.


Rahul said...

Some how in life, these things seem to make a huge difference to how people perceive success. None of us can claim to be free from that feeling. A one time or the other in our lives, we have all wanted all the comforts in the world. But there are times when we step back and wonder if it all worth it. It is these steps back that determine if we are going in the right direction or not. Think of them as directions on the road of life. Every time u take a step back you are proving you are still human, you still have values and you are doing what is required in today's world to survive. Well that's my thoughts anyway.

Filarial said...

what nonsense are u tlking.. stop contemplating why u should enjoy life or why us shld work hard and just stay the path.. I dont work hard so that i can buy a laptop or a car or a mobile.. i work hard at what i like the other things come automatically.. back then ppl could not afford such novelty items on an average salary.. now we can it is nothing to be ashamed of.. let me give u a example in 1966 the air ticket costed 1500 dollars from new york to delhi... so my uncle could not afford to go back to india for the first 7 yrs that he was here.. and now u can go back on a student stipend within a yr of being here .. u shld be ashamed of spending that money on a personal trip by ur own "logical" reasoning.. send that money back home so that it can improve our society..:D