Friday, October 26, 2007


The following is purely fictitious and is not meant to hurt or ridicule someone! But it is intended to reach quite a few…hope you lot understand what I mean and whom I mean! LOLzzzz!


Rohan: “Hey, how you doing?”

Sanjana: “Hi yaar, been a long time…am good…how r u?”

Rohan: “btw are you going for the movie this weekend?”

Sanjana: “As a matter of fact, main tho tumhe abhi dekhne aa rahi thi…just to ask if you are interested in coming along for the movie!”

Rohan: “Well, the thing that I have to consider is how I am gonna travel a 100 miles to watch a movie?”

Sanjana: “Oh yeah, that is a valid point! Lemme see what I can do!”

Rohan: “Thanks a lot gal…”


Sanjana: “Hey Ram, Rohan says he is also interested in joining us for the movie, but he does not have a ride to the cinema hall…do we have space in our car to accommodate him to?”

Ram: “Hey sweeto, anything for you babe…I guess Shriraam has space in his car. Lemme call him and ask!”

Sanjana: “Ram, that’s so nice of you, but are you not driving your car? I thought you were!”

Ram: “Yes of course I am driving. Guess only the two of us would be going in my car.”

Sanjana: “Then why can’t he join us and come in our car?”

Ram sighs and now he has no other choice!

So after an hour’s drive the three along with their friends reach the Cinema Hall. Ram was looking grumpy already and the real show was yet to begin!

SCENE-III (When the movie starts)

Shreeram: “Hey Ram, I thought you were gonna sit with Sanjana!

Ram: “Arey yaar, kyon puch rahaa hai…She either seems to be too busy on phone or she is talking with Rohan…Feels so weird

Shreeram: “Abey yaar…voh their girlfriend hai…”

Ram: “Please shreeram…”

An hour and a half later!

Sanjana seems to be busy on the phone. So Ram gives her some private space and goes off to buy something! What he does not realize is that Sanjana is speaking to our hero Rohan over the phone!


Sanjana: “Rohan, can you just get me some popcorn? I am kind of hungry!”

Rohan: “Sure Sanju…”

Rohan buys the popcorn and on his way back to his seat, bumps into Ram…

Rohan: “Ram, enjoyed the movie eh?”

Ram (grumbles): “yeah I did…big time”

And then murmurs silently, thanks to you I don’t even get to sit with Sanjana! ;)

Ram takes some popcorn from the bag that Rohan was holding, only for Rohan to frown and then scowl…

Rohan: “That was for Sanju…she had asked it…says she did not even have lunch! Nyways, thanks a tonne for getting me this movie having a gala time!” Having said this Rohan just walked away.

Ram could not believe his luck. Meanwhile Shreeram was looking at Ram and was laughing out loud. Poor guy RAM!


nishant said...

machi continue, Poor guy Nick,has been doing all this all the while, he he he, I see myself in all the three roles, Rohan, Ram and Shreeram.....
ny way, now I am playing all the roles in my own life....

Red Phoenix said...

From Shreeram to Ram and now to Rohan - thats how my life is goin right now... Though it brought back old PJ memories in me, I enjoyed reading it. Retrospectin those stupid things I did... Keep up the good work

Anjali said...

are you sure this is all pure fiction? ;-)