Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The unexplored series-I

At long lost a blog. I have not had any interesting or cheesy topics to write about till now. Life evens out. Or that is what most of us think about it. But does it happen really? Consider this case: A few months back I sort of did not get an offer that I was expecting. An offer that would have taken me across from the east coast of U.S of A to the west coast! I was sort of depressed for a couple of days, thinking that my stay in this country was all but doomed. The Monday following that weekend brought in even more surprises. As I set out from my home sort of brooding about my failures and without adequate preparation for a meeting with my boss, I began wondering whether the hard work I was putting in would ever repay. Or…The rest as most of us know is history. I got a chance and somehow hard-work paid off. All to sum up that we do lose, but we do win too. Again the dreams which we fail to achieve now we do tend to achieve them sometime later. Why am I reiterating this point again and again? It’s not some kind of a sermon on keep trying you will succeed. There have been enough by many including me along those lines. This is the case invariably most of the time.

But there does exist a very minute probability that we may not achieve what we set out to. What I am asking is suppose just in case, we do not achieve whatever we dream about, what happens? Let me put the same thing in a different manner. Suppose an individual dies without achieving his dream? Does he achieve it in his next life? Or does something called an “another life” exist in reality? Is reincarnation just a myth or a fact or a publicity stunt? Individuals say they do remember what they were, where they were, etc in their previous lives. I would give anything to remember what I was in my previous life (if I did have one). People take extreme stands on this topic. Some people recount their previous lives, the name of their parents, what they used to do for a living and so on. So now if I do not achieve something in this life, will I reincarnate and achieve it next time around?

I am also a voracious reader. But one of my greatest disappointments is that I have not read anything in this regard. As an individual it would be fascinating to see a novel or fiction about reincarnation. Or the science associated with it would also be a good read. This reincarnation bug sort of affected me ever since I have listened to the songs of OSO. Yes, you guys guessed it right!

Kehthe hain, agar kisi cheez ko tum dil se chaho,

to poori kaayanat use tumse milane ki koshish me lag jaathi hain

Hamaari filmon ki tarah, Hamari Zindagi main bhi,

End thak, sab kuch theek hi ho jaata hai,


Aur Agar Theek Naa ho, Tho Vo the end naheen,

Picture Abhi baaki hain mere dosth.


Red Phoenix said...

kidar ka ghana hai? OSO??? By the way, in context of ur blog, it means I need to have at least a dozen incarnations to fullfill all my heartly desires. PS isn't this a redundant cycle? coz the next time u come back to the world as a reincarnation - u would still love something else of the previous jenma list... SO u keep on living till the universe dies eventually... Hmmmmm...

Rahul said...

frankly, yeh zindagi pure tara aur ache tare se ji le..

Kya jane agle zindagi mein kwahishean kuch aur ho..

Kya jane alga koi zindagi ho na ho..

Be good.. Do good.. Chk out my blog u'll see what i'm talking about..

RA said...

kedaikadha opportunity-a,
illadha hardwork-a,
maatadha ponnungal-a,

'rupa-roooo rooooshineeeeee...'

kalakkarel chandrooooo!!!